Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Sweaty Summer Essentials

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When the sun pops out of the clouds, us Brits get summer happy with the BBQs and Pimm's. This year its been more humid than ever, so I've managed to find the BEST combination of products thats lightweight and fuss-free but ensures that my makeup doesn't melt off during the day.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser is the PERFECT base for me during the warmer months. Like it says on the package, it really does provide a lightweight feel to the skin! I would say its a light to medium coverage but its easily buildable to a good medium which is just what I need. It doesn't quite cover all of my scars but for a day-to-day base it does everything that I need it to. As well as this it has SPF20 which is a necessity when the sun is out.

Bobbi Brown Corrector and Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer are my go to under eye combination. I have very dark under eye discolouration and nothing does a better job at neutralising it than the Bobbi Brown corrector! I've tried a few alternative correctors but I always come back to this and its a daily necessity for me. The Nars concealer in Ginger is the perfect shade for me in the summer as it has the right amount of yellow-ness to brighten up my undereyes.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural sets my base whilst providing an additional slight bit of coverage. Its ideal for the heat as it doesn't mattify your skin so you still get that dewiness, but it keeps everything locked in place for the rest of your day. Best of all, its super lightweight and doesn't feel cakey on the skin.

Sleek Face Form in the shade Medium comes with 3 shades - a matte brown, a shimmery champagne and a shimmery bronze colour (I would've preferred the Contour Kit as I don't use the bronze shimmery shade but it was never in stock!). The matte brown is the ideal shade for bronzing and contouring the face, plus its so finely milled making it super quick to apply. I recently started using the highlighter shade and was pleasantly surprised! Not the best highlighter on the market but it certainly provides a soft golden glow for a more natural look in the summer. With such an affordable price tag, you can't go wrong!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade is another daily essential to make my eyebrows look super fleeky. It's a product that I have no need to replace because it does everything that I need it to. I can achieve a natural look by applying a soft hand or create a sharper eyebrow with more pressure. It's also water and sweat proof so I know my eyebrows won't be going anywhere in the heat!

Mac Pro Longer Paint Pot in the shade Groundwork is the one of best smudge proof and creaseless cream eyeshadows that I've come across (Maybelline's Colour Tattoo is a great dupe but I just love this shade!). Groundwork provides a neutral matte taupe wash over my eyelids to cancel out any discolouration which is all that I need in the summer.

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Feline (although I prefer the brush on the original one) is a mascara I can always rely on! As someone who has pretty pathetic natural lashes, I usually have to layer mascara's in order to get a desired fluttery lash look. Although for the summer I can't be bothered with the extra products but this one product achieves what I want. It REALLY adds length to my lashes and provides enough volume to make it look like I have thicker lashes. Even though its not waterproof, I never have problems with smudging or flaking.

Hope you enjoyed this post! What are your essentials to withstand this heat?

Ashni x

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Summer Wishlist

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Once the weather starts brightening up, the need to re-vamp your wardrobe gets real! I feel like I have NOTHING I want to wear in this heat and I just want to shop shop shop! Here are some fashion items that I've been lusting after. 

New Look Black Backpack

Nike White Baseball Cap

Etsy Silver Coin Choker

Missguided Marble Co-ord

New Look Khaki Choker Crop Top 

Missguided White Bardot Frill Bodysuit

Zara Mauve Cut Out Shoes

Missguided Pink Pleated Shorts
Dior So Real Sunglasses

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Ashni x

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Where have I been??

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So where have I been for the past 5 months? Needless to say, life took over and I barely had enough time for myself – I mean there was even a point when I didn’t have time to paint my nails! To be more specific, this year I took on the role to be an Events Coordinator for the Hindu Society at my university. I’m just going to put it out there – I’ve never been particularly religious but always been inquisitive about religion so being part of the committee helped me to question and learn a lot of things. We are the biggest Hindu society in the country with over 600 members meaning I had high standards to live up to. Nevertheless, it was the BEST experience and I can’t believe it’s coming to an end! I formed friendships with people who I initially didn’t like, made bonds with people who I didn’t even know and made UNFORGETTABLE memories that I wish I could relive again.

I couldn’t have done it without the help of my amazing committee. They danced when I asked them to dance (even if they had never shaken a hip), listened to me when I needed to shout at someone and were there for me when I needed a cry (which believe me was often!) – they became a family away from home. The sleepless nights, arguments and bickering have all been worth it for what we have achieved this year and for what we will be able to give to charity – that’s the best feeling, knowing that all your hard work is going to help those in need.

Basically this is a bit of an appreciation post but also a message for anyone going to university – join a society! When I was a fresher and a member of Hindu Society, I was given the opportunity to do what I love – dance, meet like minded people and just have a blast! To be in the committee the year after and to be able to give people that same experience has been life changing. That feeling you get when someone tells you “you’ve pulled off an amazing show” or “I’m so glad I took part in this because I met some of my best friends” is just indescribable. I’m tearing up just writing all of this because I’ve become so passionate about this society, I just wish it wouldn’t end! But its time to let someone else experience this and make their own memories. Whatever society you wish to join, just don’t be afraid to get involved!

I have exams coming up so I may not be posting regularly, but once summer starts I’ll be back in full swing!

Ashni x

Saturday, 2 April 2016


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So you might be wondering where I've disappeared to for the last 5 months - there will be more on that in my next post. Right now I just want to speak my mind on something that is very relevant on social media at the moment.

When I was born my parents brought me home from the hospital and took me to see my grandma. The first thing she said to my mum is “why have you brought home such a dark skinned girl?” Firstly, she was upset that she didn’t get a grandson (that’s a WHOLE other issue altogether) and that the granddaughter that she got wasn’t “fair and pretty”. Gotta give it up to my mum for sticking up for me, “well what do you expect when your son is so dark?!” – that kept her quiet! I can’t blame her because this was the consensus within the Asian community so that’s what she was brought up to believe. But is beauty really defined by the colour of your skin tone?? Individuals from the older generations had different viewpoints about beauty, but times are changing and it is up to US as a society to change this.  

I’m not the lightest or darkest skin tone on the spectrum - I’d say I’m somewhere in the middle, but either way it shouldn’t matter! We are not beautiful because of the colour of our skin tone or the length of our hair – we are beautiful because of the person that we are inside!

I’m guilty of dropping comments about being light skinned or a “piff lighty” but what we should take from this campaign is that change needs to take place NOW. If you hear an aunty say something about someone not being fair enough, question them and make them understand that the colour of your skin does not define your beauty. It’s all about educating the elder generations, and for the current generations to take a stand and not put up with these comments. WE are the future and if we want change, WE need to make it happen!

Hope you can take something from this post!

Ashni x

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Top 5 A/W Lipsticks!

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So sadly for me (I hate winter) the cold is coming upon us. Despite me hating the weather around this time of the year I LOVE winter makeup! The berry and jewel tone colours are just so exciting! To say I have too many berry lipsticks, is an understatement. I just find them so flattering and bold on my complexion. Somehow I managed to choose my top 5 favourite and most used lipsticks for the winter months.

(From L-R) Nars Damned, Too Faced Melted Berry, MAC Diva, MAC Rebel, MAC Whirl.

This is a STUNNING burgundy berry shade which is SO flattering for the winter months. If you're not too confident to wear a darker lip, this is a good step forward because it's not too bold but still very flattering! The formula of these pencils are AMAZING - it feels like you're not wearing a lipstick but still gives a bold and extremely matte finish. My only gripe is that you have to buy a specific sharpener to sharpen this pencil.


   If you prefer a glossier finish for your lipsticks, this is the one to go for! I'm usually a matte      lipstick lover but this is just so easy to wear, it never bleeds or smudges and provides the      perfect amount of gloss. The colour is a bit more of a pinky berry shade and extremely                                                                   flattering!

                                                              MAC Diva

This is the deepest shade of them all, it's a deep burgundy brown shade which looks SO FIERCE! The texture of this lipstick is surprisingly moisturising for a MAC matte lipstick but still gives that sleek matte finish. This colour would look particularly nice on deeper skin tones but still looks vampy on those with a fairer complexion. 

Rebel is such a difficult shade to describe because it looks absolutely different on EVERY person! On me it looks like purpley berry shade but it can range from looking pink on some people to burgundy on others - either way, it looks beautiful and it's one to pick up! The finish is a Satin finish which i surprisingly like for this lipstick, I feel it makes it more wearable than if it was matte. 

This is one of THE MOST popular lipsticks of the moment as it said to be Kylie Jenner's infamous lip colour. It's popular for a reason because it's a perfect dark nude which adds something to your look, but it's not as bold as a berry for the winter. The cool rose undertone gives something different than your typical nude. With a matte finish I think it's the PERFECT nude for the winter months. 

I have to give a special mention to Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in the shade 107 which I recently repurchased and fell in love with ALL over again! It's a lovely wine colour and as it's from the drugstore it's great value!

Hope you enjoyed this post! What are your top A/W lipstick picks?

Ashni x

Saturday, 7 November 2015

NEW Benefit They're Real Tinted Eyelash Primer!

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So here's one for those of you who are die hard Benefit fans or lash girls! I've never been REALLY into mascara's because I'm not blessed with the best lashes but Benefit's They're Real Mascara has been my miracle worker! Their original They're Real Mascara is by FAR a holy grail item for me. It gives me length, definition and volume without looking clumpy - what more could you want! 

When I found that ELLE magazine are doing a promotion with Benefit I had to grab it before even seeing what the item was! I later saw that it was a 3g sample (not the most generous size but hey, it's free!) of the NEW They're Real Tinted Eyelash Primer! I was surprised I hadn't heard anything about it as there's usually quite a buzz for Benefit's new releases, but the product is due to be in stores on the 26th December.

The mascara primer comes in this silvery grey coloured packaging which I'm not at ALL a fan of! I think it makes the product look a lot cheaper than it is! I'm hoping the packaging for the full sized product will be improved. 

The wand of the primer is exactly the same as the mascara which I LOVE as its packed with A LOT of bristles which helps with separating the lashes. Its formula is a mink brown colour meaning that this can be worn alone for a natural everyday look or under any of your favourite mascara's for extra lengthening and separating! 

On the left I have worn Benefit's They're Real Primer by itself and on the right I have no product at all.

As you can see the primer adds some simple subtle definition and length.

Benefit's They're Real Primer + Benefit's They're Real Mascara on the left and no product on the right.

The combination of the two gives an AMAZING effect! You can get LOADS more volume, length and definition than you previously did using the mascara alone. This primer is perfect to wear in the day for a natural look and can be topped with mascara for more of a dramatic effect for the night. For someone that's not into mascara, I'm ALL over this and will definitely pick it up once it comes into stores!

What do you think of Benefit's new launch? Have you got any other recommendations for eyelash primers? 

Ashni x

Monday, 19 October 2015

Santorini Diaries!

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Following from Rome we went straight to the beautiful island of Santorini! It is arguably one of the most famous vacation destinations of this year. Its not one for those looking for an action packed holiday but with beaches, pools and STUNNING sunsets its the perfect place to relax and unwind. I would say its ideal for a romantic couple getaway but I went for my cousins wedding and we had a blast of a time! (Be prepared for picture overload!)


Top - Matalan Kids
Shorts - Warehouse
Shoes - New Look

<-- Outfit

Playsuit - New Look
Sandals - Zara
Sunglasses - Vintage

Outfit -->

Dress - H&M
Necklace - Forever 21
Shoes - Avari


Top - Dorothy Perkins
Shorts - Dorothy Perkins
Sunglasses - Vintage

Mendhi Night Outfit

Anarkhali - Bombay Looks
Earrings - Misc
Shoes - Avari

Wedding Day Outfit

Sari - Venisons
Bangles - Misc
Jewellery Set - Avari

Hope you enjoyed this post! It's a bit different to my others but I just wanted to share these amazing snaps with you! 

Ashni x